Pocket Mechanic

Pocket Mechanic for Pocket PC

Toolkit for maintaining your expansion cards

The best storage card management utility: Format, Defragment, Scan and Repair, Benchmark, Test for Physical Errors, Map Bad Sectors in the FAT Tables, Delete Unused Files and Free Up Space on Your Device, Set the Storage Folder Names (WM2003 only!), View the TCP/IP Configuration, Cleanup your Registry, Delete Duplicate Notifications in the Windows CE Notification Queue and more.

Features of Pocket Mechanic include:

  • View detailed storage card information!
  • Scan disk - verify and repair logical file system errors!
  • Storage card format (Logical and Physical), FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 support!
  • Storage card defragment and fragmentation analysis!
  • Storage card benchmark - measures raw card read/write speed!
  • Storage card surface/bad sectors test!
  • System cleanup - powerful unused temporary and cache files delete. Secure delete feature to overwrite files containing sensible data before deleting to guarantee your privacy!
  • Storage folder name configuration - choose your own names for your storage card folders!
  • TCP/IP configuration - view details on all active TCP/IP adapters, refresh and renew IP addresses!
  • View, find and delete duplicated notification queue entries causing ActiveSync delays (NEW!)
  • Scan the registry and delete unused/junk registry keys, delete keys left by uninstalled applications, show detailed problem description on each key found (NEW!)

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Pocket Mechanic


Pocket Mechanic Professional 2.98

User reviews about Pocket Mechanic

  • by Anonymous

    Exceptional, professional; a high quality product. I am running Wizcode Pocket Mechanic Professional 2.98 on my AT&T Tilt (HTC 8925 More

  • by Anonymous

    Good program, but.... Nice program... However, running WM6, my 'Settings' link dissappeared after I did a thorough clean up. I don't kn More